Bestselling Weight Loss Author Reveals
The Only Diet Ever Invented
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While Still Eating
All The Foods You Love!


  • Based on hard science — proven to work even for women who can’t lose weight no matter how much they diet or exercise
  • Discovered by professional athletes and perfected for women by a world class fitness expert – not based on theory, fads, pills, gimmicks, meal plans or anything complicated or unproven
  • You can eat almost anything you want and still lose weight no foods are 100% “forbidden” or banned from this diet
  • Quick results — lose up to 2-5 pounds your first day and up to 30 pounds your first month
  • Plus, to prove this is “for real”… this diet either works for you or it’s free!

Dear Friend,Jennifer Jolan Bestselling Weight Loss Author

If you want a scientifically proven way to lose ALL your extra weight in the next 60-90 days… and do it without exercising and while still eating the foods you love… then here’s how some professional athletes and smart women “in the know” have done it.

And why you can too with the information below.

Here is the story:

Hi! My name is Jennifer Jolan.

I am the author of two bestselling weight loss books (one of which has been read by over 90,000 women worldwide). I have also written over 1,100 articles about women’s weight loss. And through my books and articles, I have helped thousands of women lose their extra weight without starvation, restrictive dieting or long tedious exercise routines.

Anyway, here’s why this is important for you:

Recently I was helping a friend with a frustrating weight problem.

No matter how much she exercised or dieted…

She Still Couldn’t
Lose Any Weight!

In fact, she was gaining weight!

Even after dieting and working out for months she still couldn’t fit into her old jeans she used to slide right into… still had embarrassing “arm jiggle” and bulging belly fat… and still felt trapped inside a body she hated.

It controlled her whole life, too!

She was literally desperate to be slender and healthy again.

She was embarrassed to go to her high school reunion or anywhere she would see someone she knew from when she was thin. She longed to be able to go to the beach without having to cover up or go on a cruise ship without feeling self conscious or like people were laughing at her.

She wanted to be able to wear a dress without a back or sleeves again.

She wanted her energy levels back and to not feel so sad all the time.

She even dreaded going to the store where she was certain other women were “passive-aggressively” snickering at her. One time she told me she went to a party and a few of the other women…

Started Flirting With Her Husband
Right In Front Of Her!

They must have thought he was “easy pickings.”

That since she was heavy, they could steal him away!

She was a wreck!

She was trying so hard to lose weight — eating right, exercising, dieting — and nothing worked.

Does this sound familiar?

Do you experience the same humiliating frustrations?

The same anger and resentment at your body?

The constant sadness where you just want to go in a hole and cry?

Maybe even fear your husband or boyfriend is secretly thinking about other women or that no man will ever want to marry you because of your weight?

If So… You’re Not Alone!

There are many women in the same boat.

They can’t lose weight no matter what they do.

And this is why I’ve been searching for years for a way to help women like my friend who beat yourselves up and and cry yourselves to sleep each night because of your weight. Ideally, I wanted to find something both easy and convenient (for busy women)… that requires little or no “willpower” or discipline… and that gives you fast results even if you indulge (reasonably) in that yummy ice cream sundae or those fried foods we ALL love so much.

For a long time I wondered if anything like this existed.

And I searched everywhere (even overseas!) for it for years.

Well, guess what?

Believe it or not, I recently discovered a special kind of diet (right in my own backyard!) that is not only easy, convenient and fast… but is so effective…

It Forces Your Body
To Lose Weight
Even When You “Cheat”!

It sounds strange, but you almost can’t “cheat” on it, anyway.

In some ways, cheating is “built in!”

And if you follow this diet exactly (which is really easy!), you can not only eat your favorite foods up to a few days per week, but you can still lose weight at the same time… even if everything else you’ve tried before has failed.

Sounds almost crazy doesn’t it?

I know!

I thought so at first, too, when I saw it.

That’s why I am not asking you to believe me. All I ask is you let me show you how it works. That way you can see for yourself it’s not only possible to experience safe and dramatic weight loss (while eating your favorite foods)… but also do it…

  • Without constantly dieting for days, weeks, and months at a time
  • Without planning any special meals
  • Without counting calories or figuring out how many carbs or fats to eat
  • Without needing to work out (exercise is optional!)
  • Without EVER starving or suffering
  • Without spending a lot of time and money (this secret SAVES you time and money!)
  • Without having to “load up” on fruits or vegetables
  • And almost without ANY restrictions on what you eat 3-6 days per week

Plus, the BEST part is…

The Heavier You Are,
The Faster This Diet Works!

Most diets are very sloooooow!

You can do them right for months before feeling any weight loss.

But not this diet!

With this diet, not only can you still eat your favorite foods, but you lose fat much faster than any other diet I’ve ever seen. In fact, if you do it exactly as laid out, you can see improvement in your size (and your overall health) in just days and weeks instead of months and years.

How can this be for real?

That’s a very good question!

You see, the foundation of this diet was secretly discovered by smart professional athletes who needed a convenient way to lose fat without losing energy and muscle. And one of my friends in the town I live in (a world class fitness expert named Rich Bryda) started experimenting with their research.

Rich has a real passion for helping people lose weight.

And at first he experimented on himself as his own “lab rat.”

Then, he spent months refining this diet so it would work for anyone (especially women who have a hard time losing weight).

Long story short…

After months of tweaking this fat loss secret he perfected the process.

He calls it:

“The 1-Day Diet Plan”

And that’s exactly what it is:

A diet you can do just ONE day per week.

(Or up to 3 days per week if you have a lot of weight to lose or are in a hurry.)

And the results are just crazy!

People who do this diet lose weight (safely and naturally) extremely fast! Plus, you can lose weight even while eating pizzas, burgers, salty fries and chips, ice cream, chocolate, breads, and anything else you enjoy.

You can’t go crazy pigging out every single day, of course.

But if you follow this diet (due to the science that makes it work)…

But To Leave Your Body!

Even that stubborn belly fat that never budges!

And it makes perfect sense when you understand how it works.

You see, it’s based on a special way of consuming protein (discovered by those smart athletes) that puts your body into constant “nutrient storing mode” instead of “fat storing mode.”

In other words…

Your body doesn’t store fat on this diet.

It Cannot Store Fat,
Even If It Wants To!

And it’s because of the “anabolic rebound” this diet gives you.

What does that mean?

It means your body has no choice but to store any and all nutrients, vitamins and minerals from your food while simultaneously burning away the fat you have now. So even when you eat bad foods your body will keep the nutrients but not the fat.

Now again, this doesn’t mean you can go crazy.

You can’t eat junk food 24/7.

You have to be realistic.

But 3-6 days per week you will be able to eat “bad” meals if you follow the guidelines. One example would be last year when a man and his wife I know did this diet the week of Thanksgiving, stuffed themselves literally to the point of sickness, and…

It Was As If They
Ate Nothing!

The scale didn’t move at all!

It’s just the most amazing thing I ever heard of.

It’s also highly flexible too!

With no recipes, no meal plans, no calorie counting, no forbidden foods, and no grinding hunger or suffering. You also don’t need to do those silly 5-6 small meals a day plans that are near impossible for people on busy schedules. (You know what I mean — those unrealistic diets that make you feel miserable for trying to be healthy…)

Now, nobody can make you any exact weight loss guarantees.

(And anyone who does is lying to you!)

But often what happens is this:

Depending on your weight, you can lose up to 2-5 pounds the FIRST time you do it. You’ll gain some of that weight back, but it won’t be fat. And each time you do it, the fat leaves, and by continuing to do this diet each week, you prevent the fat from returning (it can’t return — your body won’t let it).

As Rich explains it, The 1-Day Diet Plan literally…

Programs Long Term
Weight Loss At
The “Cellular” Level.

It also sculpts your body (naturally), too.

And, it even helps keep your digestive system healthy and acts as a sort of body cleanse. Plus, it also makes you more “insulin sensitive”… which goes a long way towards avoiding diabetes (and if you are overweight, your chances of having diabetes are through the roof!)

Anyway, there are so many other benefits to this I’ve lost count!

And each day I discover more, such as:

  • Better and sounder sleep
  • Improved energy and focus
  • Clears up mental fogginess (i.e. “brain fog”)
  • Makes your skin tighter and firmer (an unexpected benefit!)
  • Saves lots of time and money (put your husband on this and you’ll save even MORE money while eliminating his “beer gut” — yes this works for men too!)
  • And more…

Best of all… it’s very convenient. You can do this at home or at work, and it will not require you to be super disciplined to stay on it. In many ways, it’s easier to STAY on this diet, than to not be on it!


Would you like to try The 1-Day Diet Plan?


Would You Like To Try It
Without Any Risk…
And Even Free (If You Choose)?

Then check this out:

Recently, Rich Bryda and I created a fast-reading eBook with his plan. This eBook is NOT for sale anywhere else. And I might NOT be able to keep offering it much longer (especially at the low price it’s currently at — more on that in a second).

It all depends if Rich lets me or not.

So if you are interested, here is what you’ll discover inside:

  • The secret science behind why it’s almost impossible to fail on The 1-Day Diet Plan. (Even if everything else you’ve tried hasn’t worked!)
  • How this diet can “program” your body (like a computer) to switch from fat-storing to nutrient-storing mode 24/7/365. (Imagine getting MORE nutrients from your foods and supplements, and never getting fat from the bad stuff you eat!)
  • How to use the diet 1 day a week to KEEP fat you lose off forever. (No yo-yo effect and no worrying about the fat creeping back on.)
  • A simple 5-minute exercise that can double your weight loss speed on the 1-Day Diet Plan. (Exercise is NOT required — but you can lose weight TWICE as fast by doing this very simple exercise that takes only 5 minutes per day!)
  • How to use the 1-Day Diet Plan to cut your food bill almost in half. (Lose weight, save money and still eat your favorite foods — I love it! Dieting “heaven!”)
  • How to prevent fat gain even while bingeing on holidays and weekends. (No more sheepishly sipping water and picking at the vegetable tray while everyone else is pigging out around you during holidays and parties!)
  • A secret “guilt free” eating plan you can follow for the rest of your life. (The 1-Day Diet Plan allows you to eat without sacrifice, suffering, or starving.)
  • How the 1-Day Diet Plan naturally eliminates food cravings and constantly thinking about food. (Your body automatically adjusts itself to notice the difference between true hunger and cravings… you don’t even need to think about this, it happens naturally after doing The 1-Day Diet Plan for a few weeks.)
  • A secret spice (that costs less than $1) that lowers blood sugar levels, makes you more insulin sensitive (that’s a really, REALLY good thing), and helps you lose weight all at the same time. (Also keeps your digestive system working more smoothly and better, too!)
  • What the “rebound effect” is and why it’s like the holy grail of weight loss! (When you understand this, you can almost eat like a pig the day after the diet and still lose weight.)
  • Why the more overweight you are, the more you lose on this diet. (In some cases, up to 5 pounds in 1 day… SAFELY… and without starving!)
  • A simple “game plan” to follow if you’re in a hurry to lose weight. (If you want to lose weight fast, simply do this and in 2 weeks you can lose up to 10 or more pounds. Again, I cannot say exactly how much you will lose, but usually the more overweight you are, the faster the results!)
  • Why you can “combine” The 1-Day Diet Plan with any other diet for even faster weight loss. (It’s not necessary to do anything else, but this diet will make most other diets even more effective.)
  • The 1-hour “window of opportunity” to eat as bad as you want without gaining fat. (If you really want to indulge, eat your bad meals at this exact time and the carbs will turn into energy instead of being stored as fat.)
  • A special kind of weight loss cookie that is both delicious and super easy to make. (Best part: You don’t even need an oven or know how to bake to make these!)
  • Why The 1-Day Diet Plan is NECESSARY for people who are pre-diabetic… or who have full blown diabetes! (Millions of women are pre-diabetic and don’t even know it. I would bet in a few years when this diet becomes more popular, doctors will start telling their diabetic patients to use it.)
  • Why no foods are strictly forbidden on The 1-Day Diet Plan. (However, some foods ARE discouraged if you have a lot of weight to lose.)


Again, the benefits are almost endless.

Each week I do it I feel and notice new ones. (Yes, I do this myself — it’s perfect for keeping fat off once it’s gone!)

Plus, you’ll love the simplicity and convenience!

There are no recipes to memorize.

No meal plans to figure out.

No calorie counting, no forbidden foods (although again, some foods are “discouraged”), no grinding hunger or suffering.

You Don’t Even
Have To Exercise!

You can exercise if you want.

And it will speed your weight loss. (And suggested exercises are included.)

But exercise is NOT necessary on this diet.

Bottom line?

This is the ONLY diet I’ve ever seen (and I’ve pretty much seen them all!) that lets you lose weight safely, quickly and in a way that makes you feel good and never deprived.

You’ll never feel guilty about eating a bad meal.

Never question if the diet is working (weight loss is fast and obvious.)

And most importantly…

Never Worry If Eating A Meal
Is Going To Make You Fatter!


This is a very “comfortable” diet you can do for the rest of your life since you only have to do it 1-3 days at a time (and never two days in a row — again, you get to eat bad foods on this diet). This way, you can stop doing it for months at a time if you want, and only do it when you notice your body is slipping, and you need to get back to your ideal weight.”

Look, I KNOW this sounds almost too good to be true.

I remember thinking the exact same thing when I first saw it.

But I’ve seen it work over and over again.

And I bet it can work for you, too!

However, I don’t expect you to take my word alone for it.

So I want to make it super easy for you to experience this for yourself. And after talking to Rich about it…

We Figured Out A Way
To Make This As Easy
As Possible For You To Try!

Here is the deal:

The 1-Day Diet Plan eBook sells for $47 at major online bookstores. But if you order from this website today, you can have it for just $19.97 and delivered instantly to your computer in convenient PDF format (which can be opened on any PC or Mac computer).

But really the money doesn’t matter, anyway.


Because it comes with this risk-free guarantee:

Try the 1-Day Diet Plan at your leisure for 60 days without any risk. If at ANY time in those 2 months you are unhappy with it (for ANY reason)… if you don’t lose at LEAST 2-3 dress sizes (or more)… if your friends aren’t asking you what your “secret” for losing weight and quickly looking so fabulous is… just let ClickBank know.

Your money will be promptly returned and…

You Can Keep
The Book Even If
You Ask For A Refund.

You can’t get more risk free than that!

But time is short and you must hurry.

Rich Bryda owns the rights to this eBook, and he says he wants to raise the price to $67, $97 or more. (And with what this diet does, even THAT would be a bargain!)

To get your copy at this low price today click the link below:

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Just $19.97

Plus, here’s more:

If you download the 1-Day Diet Plan today, I will also give you these 3 bestselling diet books — which you can keep (my gift to you!) even if you ask for a refund later.

These bonuses include:

Jennifer Jolan’s Big Book of Diets:
All You Need to Know about 50 of the World’s Most Popular Diets –
The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly! (Volume 1)

If you’d like to get to the heart of the top 50 most popular diets today in less time than it takes to read the newspaper, then this new book I wrote will let you do just that!

This book covers every popular diet you’ve ever heard of.

You’ll see what’s good about them, what’s bad about them, and how to take the good parts and start losing weight very quickly.

Here are some of the secrets inside:

  • How a well-known health guru is able to eat up to 6,000 calories in a single day and still LOSE weight at the same time.
  • Why calorie-restricting diets will make you fatter, pudgier and possibly even crazy. (You would be better off NOT dieting at all than to do a crash diet that severely restricts your calories!)
  • A popular crash diet that will make you look like a heroin junkie! (Sure, you’ll lose weight… but you’ll look like a poster child for drug abuse, too.)
  • Why you should be careful of doing any kind of hormone balancing for weight loss. (No matter what the celebrities touting hormone therapy say.)
  • The most deadly kind of sugar in the world! (Believe it or not, millions of “health conscious” people eat this poisonous sugar every day without even realizing it!)
  • When losing weight (even if you’re obese!) can be worse than not doing anything at all.
  • When eating fatty meats (that all the “health experts” insist are bad) is GOOD for you. (Believe it or not, it’s been shown that cultures who eat lots of fatty meats have virtually no breast cancer, heart disease, or high cholesterol.)
  • A popular “vegetable” that can make you fat as a whale.
  • Why exercise is NOT the weight loss “miracle” most people think it is. (And what works FAR better and faster for losing fat.)
  • The “nuclear option” diet for if you are obese or diabetic and need to lose weight very quickly.
  • How Europeans can get away with eating all the bad, multi-course meals they want and don’t have the gigantic waistlines Americans have.
  • When being bloated can actually help with weight loss.
  • The 80-year old diet (discovered in the Far East) that both helps you lose weight AND can help with hypertension and even kidney disorders.
  • How to get away with eating anything you want and still lose weight.
  • 2 so-called “health foods” that can be almost as bad for your thighs as rich, sweet desserts. (And unfortunately, many popular diets include them!)
  • How to lose more weight and have better digestion simply by changing the way you chew your food.
  • What the Bible says about how to safely lose weight, get in shape and feel great.
  • When eating fat… can make you thinner!
  • The dangers of aerobic exercising. (Not only do they not help you lose weight, they can actually be dangerous to your heart, joints and lymphatic system. Here’s why…)
  • A special kind of bread that is tasty, good for your health, and can be smothered with butter and still help you lose weight.
  • The hidden dangers of eating fruit.
  • A new kind of soda pop that’s much better for weight loss than diet or regular soda pop, and is even slightly healthy.
  • How a simple change in your diet can clear up zits, acne and other skin problems.
  • And more…

This free bonus book covers every popular diet you’ve ever heard of — including low-fat diets, high-fat diets, grapefruit-only diets, cottage cheese-only diets, low-carb diets, high-carb diets, no-carb diets…

You’ll learn what’s good and bad about each.

And you can take pieces of many of these diets and incorporate them into your own diet and eating plan to build one that will work for you.

Best part?

It’s a FAST read.

In fact, it basically lets you read the details on the 50 most popular diets in the time it takes to read a newspaper.

It’s yours free today, with the 1-Day Diet Plan:

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Hypothyroidism Diet Tips & Tricks for Women –
Fix Your Thyroid & Lose Weight Fast

If you are interested in a hypothyroidism diet that can help you lose weight and feel like a teenager again in as little as 1-2 months, then this free bonus book is for you!

First, it is short, and to the point.

(You can easily read it in one sitting.)

And secondly, just by making a few simple changes with this unique hypothyroidism diet, you can gain more energy, lose more fat, and eliminate the usual under active thyroid symptoms in women (feeling cold all the time, fatigue, dry brittle nails, hair loss, depression, aches & pains, etc) you may be feeling now.

Here are some of the tips found inside:

  • A secret way of using your TV to quickly improve your thyroid function.
  • How to “tap” your thyroid problems away. (Just tap your neck in this special way a few minutes each day and you will automatically stimulate your under-active thyroid.)
  • Why you could be hurting your thyroid each time you brush your teeth!
  • A little-known way to use the stairs in your house to stimulate a sluggish thyroid. (Almost nobody talks about this, not even most doctors, but it works like crazy!)
  • How your kitchen faucet can damage your thyroid.
  • A special kind of nut that has a long history of quickly and naturally getting rid of thyroid problems.
  • Can eating more salt help eliminate under active thyroid symptoms in women? (The answer may surprise you…)
  • The one nutrient you’ll find in every thyroid diet that works.
  • How to use natural sunlight to correct thyroid problems. (Just go out in the sun for this exact amount of minutes each day and watch what happens!)
  • A cheap supplement that not only can normalize your thyroid, but also relieve depression and improve your memory and stress resistance.
  • The best time to go to bed for your thyroid health in the summer.
  • The best time to go to bed for your thyroid health in the winter.
  • The exact number of times to eat each day for a healthy thyroid. (Even the best hypothyroidism diet in the world won’t do you any good if you don’t know this!)
  • A weird (but scientifically proven) way to fix your thyroid levels by spinning around in a circle like a child. (This method is STRANGE, but it’s proven to normalize your thyroid and other hormone levels.)

This short, info-packed book contains all kinds of ways to naturally and quickly correct your hypothyroidism and lose weight fast.

Read it today and you may even feel better by tomorrow!

Download it free with the 1-Day Diet Plan here:

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“15-Second Diet Tricks:
How To Lose Weight While Eating BAD Foods!”

If you would like to know a fascinating way to turn all the “bad meals” you eat into food that actually speeds up weight loss… then this bonus will show you how.

Believe it or not…

This information (which you will probably never hear about from any of the mainstream health and fitness experts) will not only help you lose lots of weight, but will also…

  • Make your children healthier and less obese (even if they eat junk food).
  • Help you prevent diabetes (and other nasty diseases).
  • Force your body to absorb more nutrients from the foods you eat.
  • Make your body keep its lean muscle mass (and avoid fat gain) as you age.
  • And even (in some cases) make your food taste better!

These diet “tricks” are powerful and backed by hard science — yet, not 1 in 1,000 “health experts” teaches them.

Best part?

This book is short — for busy women on the go.

In fact, there are just two tips inside and both are simple and easy to do, without having to do any exercise or changing the foods you eat. And you even can start using the diet tricks inside to start losing weight during your very next meal!

Download it free today with “The Ultimate Diet Guide” here:

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Just $19.97

Anyway, all the above bonuses come with the 1-Day Diet Plan.

And remember:

Everything is backed by a 60-day guarantee.

If at ANY time during the next 60 days you are not thrilled with the 1-Day Diet Plan, just let ClickBank know and you’ll get your money back (no hassles or quibbles).

Click the link below to download everything today:

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Just $19.97

–Jennifer Jolan
Bestselling Author
“America’s #1 Weight Loss Queen”

You can Contact Me for questions about this product here.